Executive Board

The Executive Board of the San Jacinto Descendants for March 23, 2015 through March 22, 2017:

President General
Fred Mead

Vice President General
Julia L. Cartwright

Treasurer General
Maurice C. Stokes

Historian General
Gina Chapman Bouchard

Secretary General
Michael Lemen

Registrar General
Rick Villarreal

Chaplain General
Bobby Vance Williams

Specific Issues

To help us respond to your inquiry in the most efficient manner possible, if your inquiry is related to one of the following issues, please contact the following member of the Executive Board:

For Members

To update your address, telephone number, and/or e-mail address

To pay your membership dues or upgrade to a life membershipTo notify us of the death of a member

To nominate someone for an award

Secretary General, Michael Lemen

Treasurer General, Maurice C. Stokes

Chaplain General, Bobby Vance Williams

President General, Fred Mead

For Prospective Members

To obtain an official membership application form

Registrar General, Rick Villarreal

For the Public

For general inquiries as well as for the
San Jacinto Descendants’ speakers bureau

President General, Fred Mead or
Vice President General, Julia L. Cartwright

For Internet Related Matters

To report problems with the web page

Justin Fineis, webmaster & owner of JHFXDesign.com